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    Yom Tov Safety Tips

    March 31, 2014 - א' ניסן תשע"ד

    Boro Park Shomrim Patrol

    Boro Park Shomrim say: Stay safe, not sorry, during Yom Tov!

    With Yom Tov once again upon us the Brooklyn South Safety Patrol/Boro Park Shomrim are reminding community residents to keep in mind that crime never takes a holiday and safety is EVERYBODY’s business – even during ‘z’man cheirisainu

    Although many of the following safety tips are valid all year round, please be particularly aware of unexpected and unwanted occurrences when preparing for your Yom Tov, either at home or while shopping.

    Before the Yom Tov:

    You may have hired cleaning help to prepare for the Yom Tov, or a handyman try to check the references of anyone whom you hire, and remember not to leave any valuables (jewelry, money, housekeys etc.) within reach or visible to your household help during holiday preparations.

    Keep your house doors locked at all times, even during the day whether you are at home or outside Don’t leave doors unlocked even for a short while.Make sure all of your windows in the house are closed as well. Assuming you lock your doors properly, always keep your key with you, to gain re-entry to the house, or leave a key with a trusted neighbor.

    Yom Tov guests whom you don’t know:

    Before accepting to host a stranger for the Yom Tov meals, please make sure you check his or her references.

    Watch your kids:

    NEVER leave your small child unattended, whether the child is walking, or is in his or her carriage or stroller, on the street, while shopping in a store, or leave your child alone in your car, even for “just a few minutes.

    Going away for Yom Tov:

    If you plan to go away for Yom Tov, leave a key and alarm code with a nearby relative or neighbor who may need to have access to your home in case of emergency. REMEMBER to lock all access to your home (gates, doors, windows) before going away. Don’t tell anyone who doesn’t need to know about your travel plans – even a friend making an innocent remark (”oh, they’re away for Yom Tov“) may be overheard by the wrong ears!

    If you plan to take children to an amusement park over chol hamoed, NEVER leave carriages or strollers with infants or small children unattended while watching your other children on the rides. It is advisable to have the children wear an i.d. tag with their parents’ name and cell number on it, but NOT the child’s name.


    Beware of scam games in amusement parks or carnivals – these games are designed so you will lose big money – but never get the Big Prize!

    Ignition keys:

    Don’t leave the keys in the ignition of your car while the car is unattended – or even if you are out of the vehicle and, say, putting something in the trunk. A thief with the keys can be in your car and gone in 15 seconds –or less!

    Terrorism Awareness:

    Should you notice any of the following: a suspicious package or object left in a public area or on your lawn or porch, a suspicious-looking vehicle or individual lurking around, or anti-Semitic slogans, graffiti or stickers on signs NOTIFY THE SHOMRIM IMMEDIATELY via our Emergency Hotline \(718) 871-6666, which is manned round the clock.

    PLEASE BE ALERT—SAFETY IS EVERYONE’S BUSINESS. Being vigilant can avoid a tragedy – and being careless or unaware can help to bring one.

    Boro Park Shomrim wish you a Happy, Healthy and a Safe Yom Tov


    Boro Park Shomrim : 718-871-6666

    Safety Tip #10

    Hitchhiking is dangerous! Boys, girls, bochurim, teenagers, women - everyone is at serious risk when they enter a vehicle with an unfamiliar driver, no matter how heimish he or she looks. Under no circumstances should it be permitted, no matter what, no matter when, no matter where.

    Safety Tip #9

    When money collectors coming knocking, do not leave them standing at your open doorway while you fish for cash. Lock the door first, and unlock when you return with the money. Do not allow your children to hand over the money either - the collector is a total stranger to you and your family, and it is only prudent to exercise at leat the minimum amount of caution.

    Safety Tip #8

    Teach your children never to talk to strangers. Even if the stranger looks heimish, talks like Bubby or Zeidy, or claims to know them, your child should never answer without you there.  Warn your kids to always run back to you if a stranger approaches. Do not take this lightly: In a tight-knit community like ours, it is very easy for someone to merely dress the part to gain our children’s trust. You can never be too cautious when it comes to the safety of your child.

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