• 21 August 2014 - כ"ו אב תשע"ד

    June 12, 2014 - ט"ו סיון תשע"ד


    At this time we would like to make you aware of a telephone scam that is occurring throughout Brooklyn and Queens known as the “Green Dot” scam.

    Here is how the Scam works:

    After receiving a call from someone who claims to be collecting a debt for either a Utility Company or the Internal Revenue Service, people are being threatened with the loss of their heat, electric or told they will be deported.

    Utility Company Scam:

    The victims are contacted by a caller who states that they work at a Utility Company and are collecting money that is past due. The caller informs the victim that they can avoid having their utility service disconnected if they immediately pay the past due amount using a Green Dot MoneyPak card that can be purchased at a local store.  The caller instructs the victim to purchase a Green Dot MoneyPak card in a specified amount and provides the victim with a phone number to be called back when the MoneyPak has been obtained. (more…)

    Missing Children Found Safe, by Boro Park Shomrim and NYPD

    April 27, 2014 - כ"ח ניסן תשע"ד

    Boro Park, NY - A frantic two hour search for two children who disappeared in Boro Park on Shabbos afternoon had a happy ending, as the pair was located, unharmed, several blocks away from their original location.

    The two four year old cousins were playing on a backyard swing set at their grandparents’ home at the corner of 14th Avenue and 51st Street in Boro Park when an unidentified woman entered the backyard at and began pushing the children on the swings.

    “One of the mothers looked outside the window and saw the woman pushing the kids on the swing so she leaves the window to go down but by the time she gets there, the woman and the two kids are all missing.”

    The parents of the missing boy and girl contacted Shomrim immediately, who called the NYPD.

    The shomrim members swung into action members checking every block in boro park looking for the missing children  shomrim and the NYPD checked out surveillance video cameras where a picture of her holding the kids’ hands on 51st walking towards 15th was found on a camera the shomrim started searching in that direction.” A

    After  hours of searching  one of the shomrim members spotted the trio at the intersection of 15th Avenue and 52nd Street the shomrim notified the NYPD the police got to the location immediately.”

    Both children were examined by Hatzalah and were found to be in good health.

    Yom Tov Safety Tips

    March 31, 2014 - א' ניסן תשע"ד

    Boro Park Shomrim Patrol

    Boro Park Shomrim say: Stay safe, not sorry, during Yom Tov!

    With Yom Tov once again upon us the Brooklyn South Safety Patrol/Boro Park Shomrim are reminding community residents to keep in mind that crime never takes a holiday and safety is EVERYBODY’s business – even during ‘z’man cheirisainu

    Although many of the following safety tips are valid all year round, please be particularly aware of unexpected and unwanted occurrences when preparing for your Yom Tov, either at home or while shopping.

    Before the Yom Tov:

    You may have hired cleaning help to prepare for the Yom Tov, or a handyman try to check the references of anyone whom you hire, and remember not to leave any valuables (jewelry, money, housekeys etc.) within reach or visible to your household help during holiday preparations.

    Keep your house doors locked at all times, even during the day whether you are at home or outside Don’t leave doors unlocked even for a short while.Make sure all of your windows in the house are closed as well. Assuming you lock your doors properly, always keep your key with you, to gain re-entry to the house, or leave a key with a trusted neighbor.

    Yom Tov guests whom you don’t know:

    Before accepting to host a stranger for the Yom Tov meals, please make sure you check his or her references.

    Watch your kids:

    NEVER leave your small child unattended, whether the child is walking, or is in his or her carriage or stroller, on the street, while shopping in a store, or leave your child alone in your car, even for “just a few minutes.

    Going away for Yom Tov:

    If you plan to go away for Yom Tov, leave a key and alarm code with a nearby relative or neighbor who may need to have access to your home in case of emergency. REMEMBER to lock all access to your home (gates, doors, windows) before going away. Don’t tell anyone who doesn’t need to know about your travel plans – even a friend making an innocent remark (”oh, they’re away for Yom Tov“) may be overheard by the wrong ears!

    If you plan to take children to an amusement park over chol hamoed, NEVER leave carriages or strollers with infants or small children unattended while watching your other children on the rides. It is advisable to have the children wear an i.d. tag with their parents’ name and cell number on it, but NOT the child’s name.


    Beware of scam games in amusement parks or carnivals – these games are designed so you will lose big money – but never get the Big Prize!

    Ignition keys:

    Don’t leave the keys in the ignition of your car while the car is unattended – or even if you are out of the vehicle and, say, putting something in the trunk. A thief with the keys can be in your car and gone in 15 seconds –or less!

    Terrorism Awareness:

    Should you notice any of the following: a suspicious package or object left in a public area or on your lawn or porch, a suspicious-looking vehicle or individual lurking around, or anti-Semitic slogans, graffiti or stickers on signs NOTIFY THE SHOMRIM IMMEDIATELY via our Emergency Hotline \(718) 871-6666, which is manned round the clock.

    PLEASE BE ALERT—SAFETY IS EVERYONE’S BUSINESS. Being vigilant can avoid a tragedy – and being careless or unaware can help to bring one.

    Boro Park Shomrim wish you a Happy, Healthy and a Safe Yom Tov


    Boro Park Shomrim : 718-871-6666

    Green Dot MoneyPak Card Scams

    February 12, 2014 - י"ג אדר א' תשע"ד

    People are losing thousands of dollars in a phone scam involving Green Dot MoneyPak cards.

    Here is how the scam works:

    After receiving a call from someone who claims to be collecting a debt for either a Utility Company or the Internal Revenue Service, people are being threatened with the loss of their heat, electric or told they will be deported.

    Utility Company Scam:

    The victims are contacted by a caller who states that they work at a Utility Company and are collecting money that is past due. The caller informs the victim that they can avoid having their utility service disconnected if they immediately pay the past due amount using a Green Dot MoneyPak card that can be purchased at a local store.  The caller instructs the victim to purchase a Green Dot MoneyPak card in a specified amount and provides the victim with a phone number to be called back when the MoneyPak has been obtained.

    The victim purchases a Green Dot card at a local store and proceeds to call back the number they were given. The victim is instructed to scratch off and read the MoneyPak card serial number to the perpetrator.

    Once the scammer has the Green Dot MoneyPak serial number they are able to transfer funds onto a prepaid debit card. The victim has now lost their money.

    Internal Revenue Service Scam:

    The victims receive a call and are told that they owe back taxes, fees or fines to the I.R.S. and that if they do not make an immediate payment using a Green Dot Moneypak card they will be arrested or deported. This scam is perpetrated in the same manner as the utility scam. The results are also the same, the victim’s money is stolen.


    Green Dot MoneyPak cards themselves are legitimate products when used for the right purposes. Once purchased at a participating retailer with cash, consumers can use MoneyPaks to reload other prepaid cards, add money to a PayPal account without using a bank account, or make same-day payments to major companies. Because the cards can only be bought with cash, consumers never need to disclose their personal or financial information to a retail cashier or to make a payment.

    While many schemes still involve scammers asking for funds to be wired to them, MoneyPaks have the added benefit of the scammer not having to show up at an office to claim the funds. Anyone with the 14-digit number found on the back of the MoneyPak card can drain the card of funds.

    In all of these examples, the intended victims are instructed to buy a Green Dot MoneyPak cards, load the amount of the fine or other money owed onto the card and then provide the number on the back of the card to the scammers, who will then drain the funds from the card.

    Crime Prevention Tips To Help You Avoid Falling Victim To This Scam:
    *Be suspicious of callers who demand immediate payment for any reason.
    *Remember that anyone who has the number on a Green Dot MoneyPak card has access to the funds on the card.
    *Never give out personal or financial information to anyone who emails or calls you unsolicited.
    *Never wire money, provide debit or credit card numbers or Green Dot MoneyPak card numbers to someone you do not know.
    *Utility companies and government agencies will not contact you demanding immediate payment by MoneyPak

    Boro Park Shomrim - Register Your Bike Sunday Jun 9.2013

    June 4, 2013 - כ"ז סיון תשע"ג


    The Brooklyn South Safety Patrol – the Boro Park Shomrim – are reminding  all local residents who own bicycles to register them with the patrol, so that they can be identified and returned to their owners in the event they are stolen and later recovered.
    The patrol has scheduled a BICYCLE REGISTRATION And SAFETY DAY EVENT on Sunday,Jun 9,2013 from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 pm. at the public school yard of ps 192 on 47rd St. between 18th and 19th Av’s.
    Unlike automobiles, which are registered with the state and carry license plates (for added security,  the state also records the manufacturer’s vehicle identification number), bikes are not registered – so if a thief grabs your bike,  pedals off with it and is later caught, it’s your word against his as to who owns the bike.
    That’s exactly what happened in one case recently, patrol leaders say – a boy whose bike was stolen from him saw the thief pedaling it the next day at a local park – but he had no proof that the bike was really his and the bike–napper was allowed to go free.
    But another boy in pretty much the same circumstances was more fortunate –he had registered his bike with the Shomrim at last year’s BICYCLE REGISTRATION DAY, and a number was put on the bike and the boy was given a card certifying his ownership. When his bike was stolen and the thief was caught, he produced his registration card and was able to get his cycle back.

    Sometimes, bike thieves don’t just steal cycles for their own joyriding pleasure – they steal lots of them, as a business, and if they happen to be arrested, police may seize lots of bikes – but without proof that a particular one is yours, you probably won’t get it back.

    June 3, 2013 - כ"ו סיון תשע"ג


    Purim Safety Tips

    February 14, 2013 - ה' אדר תשע"ג

    Boro Park Shomrim - Purim Safety Tips

    Purim is here again! It’s a wonderful holiday – but one where tragedy can strike before you know it. The Brooklyn South Safety Patrol/Boro Park Shomrim wants to advise community residents to use caution and play it safe to keep the joyous laughter from suddenly turning to tears.

    STRANGERS: Strangers may show up at your door – and may be wearing masks or other costumes. If you let someone you don’t know into your house, be alert and keep your eyes open. Make sure you keep your doors closed and locked, so that the only people coming into your home are those whom you specifically let in – not people who just “wander in”. If you are giving money to tzedakah collectors, keep your money or your checkbook on your person – not laying around where anybody who walks in can pocket it when you’re not looking and walk out with it. You may have a camera or camcorder out to take pictures of friends who come in, but do not leave it carelessly laying around so that someone can walk off with it. Other valuables, such as watches, jewelry, etc., should of course be guarded with the same care. If you wish to give a collector or someone else you don’t know a drink, have the wine or liquor already out and on the table. Don’t leave a stranger alone while you go rummaging in the next room for it. Walk a stranger into your house and walk him or her out again – and do not allow anyone you don’t know to wander around your house (say to the bathroom) unwatched or unescorted. (more…)

    Preparations Hurricane Sandy

    October 28, 2012 - י"ג חשון תשע"ג

    Hurrican preparations:

    To all bp residents we ask to please prepare for the hurricane should it get to its worse you shall be ready

    Stay alert to weather reports and outside conditions also please pay attention to local   authorities.

    Keep your cell phones fully charged

    Keep all your emergency contacts and phone numbers with you

    Check flashlights and put in reachable place if lights go out suddenly

    Keep a battery operated radio with you

    Fill up your cars with gas before the storm

    Keep all you important document in a waterproof bag and keep with you

    Keep all your medications next to you

    Please secure all outside articles or put them in garage like garbage cans, outside furniture, gas grills, etc…..

    If you have elders that aren’t capable of being by themselves please have them placed somewhere for the duration of the storm

    Stay away from windows as they may shatter without warning

    Stay away from downed wires as they still carry live currents especially thru water

    In all cases if not necessary please stay indoors at all time during storm

    Emergency Numbers:

    Hatzalah 718-387-1750

    Shomrim 718-871-6666

    Chaveirim 718-431-8181

    66 pct       718-851-5611

    70 pct       718-851-5511

    Con Ed 24hr 800-752-6633

    National Grid 718-643-4050

    Shomrim and the NYPD Apprehend Bank Robber

    October 18, 2012 - ג' חשון תשע"ג

    Dime Savings Bank on 13th Avenue near 50th Street in Boro Park was hit for the second consecutive day by the same robber. In yesterday’s heist, the robber got away with $2,000. He returned today, claimed he was armed, and made off with an additional $8,000.

    The suspect, still wearing his ski mask and gloves, was apprehended after he was spotted running down the block by a man making a meat delivery to a neighboring store. According to a press release by Councilman David Greenfield, the delivery man yelled out “chaptzem”, before contacting the Boro Park Shomrim and the NYPD.

    The perpetrator was chased down and caught by members of Shomrim at 14th Avenue and 52th Street, only one block from the scene of the robbery. Shomrim held the suspect and NYPD arrested him. The robber is currently in custody. Criminal charges against him are pending.

    Community Praise And Criticism Following Arrest Of Silver Thief

    August 28, 2012 - י"א אלול תשע"ב

    A Brooklyn man was apprehended in a string of robberies in Borough Park and Flatbush, has been arrested by police and taken to central booking.

    A large menorah, an esrog box and a megilla case were among several items that were recovered by police this morning at Eastern Silver in Borough Park.

    A statement released by Councilman David Greenfield praised both members of Shomrim and the 66th police precinct for the capture of Dennis Ildatov, of 770 Ocean Parkway.

    “Thank G-d this alleged criminal is off our streets. We are fortunate to have an incredible Shomrim Volunteer Safety Patrol who in conjunction with the outstanding men and women of the NYPD’s 66th Precinct made this significant break and arrest in these troubling cases. It’s reprehensible that anyone would target the Jewish community this way and I am deeply grateful to both Shomrim and the 66th Precinct for quickly putting an end to this one-man crime spree.”

    Councilman Brad Lander also lauded those involved in bringing the rash of burglaries to a close.

    “The thanks of a grateful community go to the Borough Park Shomrim and the NYPD 66th Precinct for the great investigative work that led to the arrest of silver-thief Denis Ildatov. Because of their smart and collaborative work, this criminal will no longer be stealing the religious articles and priceless, sentimental family heirlooms of families in our community.”

    In at least several of the robberies, Ildatov entered the victims’ homes through an unlocked door according to Assemblyman Dov Hikind and Ildatov can be seen in the surveillance video from the Zion home, which was robbed last week, pushing in the door and walking into the house.

    “The message here is clear,” Hikind told VIN News. “Even if you live in a safe neighborhood, you must keep your doors locked. There are people who are up to no good, looking for an easy way into your home. Leaving your door unlocked is like putting up a big sign that says ‘Come on in, the door is open.’”

    Hikind added that with many people now returning from vacation to their homes in Brooklyn, police have received several additional reports of burglaries, which are currently under investigation.

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